Saturday, June 27, 2015

Beautiful Living with Flowers

"There are always flowers for those who want to see them"
- Henri Matisse
Sophie taking time to smell the flowers.

How nice to see the world through flowers.

 The beauty of walking along a path of flowers.
I hope there are many flowers in your world today. A beautiful way to live.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let Sleeping Dogs (and Frogs) Lie

Today, I sat down at my computer to send a few emails. As I was experiencing my daily dose of  "writers block" I glanced underneath my desk and this is what I saw.

So, I very quietly reached for my camera.

As you can see, the shot was clearly staged.

However, not by me.

Sophie the pug takes all the design credit on this one.

There must be way too much talk of color coordination, scale and balance around here. It's even getting to the dog.

However, I must say that she seems to have a great eye for color and a natural sense of balance.

Perhaps, I will put use her creative direction in my next photo shoot.

I did, however, follow the age old of advice of letting sleeping dogs ( and frogs) lie.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Reading

As children we were told not to forget our "Summer Reading" as we left school for a few months of freedom. When I was a child, Summer Reading was not on the top of my list. My Summer list included going on a family vacation to the mountains, swimming, sunbathing with baby oil, staying up late with my sisters to watch Bonanza reruns and of course, sleeping in.  With all that going on, reading was going to have to wait until the school bell rang again. 
As it turns out, now I wish there was more time for Summer Reading.  I even created a space in my backyard just for this purpose. It 's a simply pleasure to flip through pages of books while listening to birds chirp, watching squirrels jump and hearing the many sounds of Summer.

Do you have a favorite place you like to read in the Summer?

While were are on the subject of Summer Reading, below are a few of the books I have been reading this Summer. (and not one Bonanza rerun yet, sorry little Joe)

Toiles de Jouy
French Printed Cottons
by Sarah Grant

Fifth Avenue Style
by Howard Slatkin

Queen of Fashion
by Caroline Weber

The Book of Acts
by Luke

The Grammar of Ornament
by Owen Jones

Flowers are starting to loose some of their luster, the days are getting shorter and soon Fall will arrive before we are ready. Soon we will be asking ourselves, where did the Summer go?  Make sure to make time for some Summer Reading of your own.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Horsing Around at The National Western Stock Show 2014

The National Western Stock Show comes to Denver every January and growing up in Denver,  I have attended the show many, many times. 
It had been awhile since my last show, but I attended this year and wanted to share a few pictures with you.
A beautiful horse fountain.

 This horse looked so sweet.
A very successful show.

A beautiful horse with a beautiful tartan blanket.


I was lucky enough to watch this horse and rider warm up and took a lot pictures that all turned out blurry, so it was an artistic photoshop filter to the rescue.

Like many of you, I think horses are such beautiful animals and love using their images in my work.
Below are a few examples.

Thank you and I hoped you enjoyed the pictures.
All the best,

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rose Writing Desk

As I was just about to ship a Rose Writing Desk to a client today,  I walked by this room and could not help but notice the beautiful streaming sunlight. It's been very cold here, just like the rest of the country, so the radiance of the sunlight did not go unnoticed.
I remembered that the Rose Writing Desk photo on my website had not be updated in a while. So I quickly pulled some things together for a photo shoot while trying to keep up with the sun.
I knew I did not have much time, so I placed the items, swept the floor and grabbed my camera.
I did like the first pictures, but thought I had better take a few more just in case.
So I hurriedly snapped a few shots.
The sunlight did not go unnoticed by my pug Sophie either.
Then, she tried to run by between frames.

This time she thought the book on The Louvre might be good for chewing.
The dried pink roses looked so pretty that I placed them on top of the writing desk and took a few pictures.
Here's the uncropped picture.
Well, the sun was quickly moving so I took matters into my own hands.
I went over her head...
Not just once, but several times... the dining room table for the next few shots.
The first photos were the best to use on my website, but
I think my favorite shot of the day is this one.
All the best,

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Robin King Designs

Merry Christmas to all.
It's been a busy December but I did take a little time out to decorate my Christmas table. I like to start setting it about a week before Christmas and add items each day. Here is how it looked the day before Christmas.

Each Christmas I like to create a new center piece for the table. This year I started with of my favorite pieces. It's an old cut glass bowl that is held up by four joyful cherubs.

I added pinecones, large deer ornaments, a little bit of greenery and placed it on a crystal cake stand topped with a vintage Christmas linen. A few pinecones around the base completed the look.

The golden deer ornaments will reflect the candlelight very nicely.
For my Christmas Table I also like to add a few of my favorite things that do not get used very often. Favorite things like my Old Britain Castles Red English Transferware plates, Waterford water glasses, antique crystal serving dishes, silver serving trays and my stag head pewter goblets.
What are some of your Christmas Table favorites? 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Decorating, with Love...

I've heard it said that we should decorate our homes with items we truly love.
That practice can show up in some interesting ways...

Have you ever purchased an item at an antique store or sale, trundled it home,
and then discovered that you already have the same item, or a very similar one?
This is a perfect example of selecting items that we love
based on the 'inner compass' that drives our own personal design style.
We do tend to gravitate toward the same colors, patterns, motifs, and items...
even when we don't actually realize we are doing it!
Recently, I purchased an antique Aubusson needlepoint rug at an estate sale 
even though I already had three at home in my armoire...

So, since there was no room in the armoire to add a fourth rug ...
I was looking around for a place to display the newest member of my collection.

My eyes fell on a 'blank canvas' of sorts: the back of a sofa.

I draped the rug over the back of the sofa,
and was pleased by the unexpected addition of color and pattern to the family room.

Each time I walked by, I would look at the rug 
and smile at the impact it made on the room...and on me!

After a few days, I realized just why I was so drawn to that particular piece:
It perfectly coordinates with one of my designs!

Stag Floral Plaque
 The same color palette, floral motifs, and arching branches appear in both pieces,
and the overall effect is peaceful and calming.

 A perfect match!

I was delighted by this discovery, and decided to look at my objects of desire anew.
Let's take a look at that armoire again:


You can see a repetition of colors, patterns, and motifs
all represented in the items I have collected over a lifetime,
including images of flora and fauna, soft geometric patterns, and neutral backgrounds.
Clearly, I love deep burgundies, soft pinks, sage greens, and flowers!

 My own design preferences have led me to create a personal palette
that fills my home and reflects my deepest pleasures.
It also drives my selection of imagery for my product lines.

Why not take a look into your armoires and cupboards today,
and take inventory of the wonderful expression of your own style that you find there?
Then take some of those treasured items out, and decorate with them...
so that you can enjoy what you love every day!

Beautifully Yours, 
~ Robin