Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hopeless Romantic

I must be a hopeless romantic. Lately, I have been collecting and creating artwork of couples. I love the couple in the frame, very romantic and to be honest, the original artwork was so damaged that at times I was hopeless that I would be able to make the necessary repairs. But I wanted the picture to work, so I worked and worked on it and am so happy with the results.

The second picture shows a number of combined old pieces of artwork that I combined to create the romantic couple collage on a wooden cigar box. I think it's very romantic.

I am wondering if this obsession with romantic couples is because I need to have a Pride and Prejudice fix (the A&E version) or maybe it is because our 20th wedding anniversary is next year, or maybe I am truly a hopeless romantic. I hope so.


Lea Ann said...

Wow, 20 years already???

The pieces you show are beautiful.

Snowbrush said...

May I offer your premature congratulations on your 20th?

Robin King said...

Snowbrush, yes and thank you.

Robin King said...

Lea Ann,
Thank you. Aren't you and Bob close to 20 also?

Anonymous said...
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