Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forcing the Issue Update

A few weeks ago, I decided to force the issue with some Paper Whites and Hyacinth bulbs and here are my results. The Hyacinth bulbs are blooming but are not growing very tall, most likely this is due to the fact that my kitchen window faces NW and does not get much light this time of year. Even though they are vertically challenged, they still smell great. As soon as I walk into the house, it smells just like Spring.

The Paper Whites are not making much progress, maybe by Easter.

Although my bulbs would not win any ribbons at a flower show, it is so nice to look at them all growing in my little window garden. I will definitely force the issue next January, too.


Lea Ann said...

What a beautiful idea to put those bulbs and plants in those gorgeous cut glass bowls. I've got a bunch of those... and a South window.

Robin King said...

Lea Ann,
Oh, please let me know how it works out in your South window. Have a great week.

Nishant said...
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