Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jesse the Pug

I can't believe that my precious Pug Jesse will turn 14 this week. On the special day, we will sing happy birthday and let him eat an over-priced gourmet dog treat. I am sure he will wonder this year, like he has all the previous years, just what the heck we are doing as we sing and clap in a circle around him. But since it may mean extra food, he will play along with the ritual. When my husband and I were first married, I wanted a pug very badly, but apartment life did not seem right for a puppy. So on the weekends, my husband would drive me to dog shows just so I could catch a couple of Pug glimpses. Then the day came, we moved into our first home. I brought Jesse home before we even had time to put up a fence in our yard. Since that day he has been a great joy to our family. At my shows many people ask the question "do you have a Pug"? Just take a look below and you will see why.
Pug with Ball Tissue Box Cover

Fancy Dogs and Roses Tray

Fancy Pug Glass Plate