Monday, December 12, 2011

A Few Beautiful Things for Christmas

These golden pine cones are simply beautiful hanging from a chandelier.

Easy to make, all you need are pine cones, gold paint and pretty sheer ribbon. It's a fun and quick project.
Recently, I acquired a beautiful 19th century Romanian hutch. It's a special piece and I wanted to decorate it with something very special this Christmas. Considering the age and faded painted design, a very simple decoration would do. I placed my favorite lamb statue and surround him with evergreen branches and pine cones.
To add a little splash of color, I placed a deep red glass wreath around his neck.

This wonderful cherub wall pocket was cast from an antique mold and then painted to look like stone. It is so beautiful and one of my favorite new items. The sweet cherub is surrounded with evergreens, red berries and green leaves.
For the Christmas Season I added a few ornaments to my line. I introduced the wooden laser-cut ornaments at my recent shows and they were very well received. Next year, they will be available on my website. I hope you have many beautiful things surrounding your family and friends for the holidays.

Until next time.


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Winter House

This morning, I woke up to snow here in Colorado. So I thought it would be the perfect time to show you one of my new tissue box designs - Winter House.
Whether you go all out for Christmas decorating or not, a seasonal tissue box can add a little holiday spirit anywhere in your home.

I placed my Winter House Tissue Box on a table under my favorite painting.

I then added a few pine cones to an antique cut-glass vase, a vintage Santa Figurine, and a stag candle snuffer to complete the vignette.

I thought the scene needed a little green, so I took one of my bottle-brush Christmas Trees and placed it in an egg cup I picked up in France. (It's the first time the egg cup has been out of the cupboard but I think it looks wonderful as a small decorative pot).

I will be sharing more Christmas items in the weeks to come.

Until next time,


Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Beautiful Things

I wanted to share some new beautiful things from around my home. First is this beautiful little bird bath I recently found at Mulhull's in Omaha. Mulhall's is a store filled with beautiful things for both inside and outside your home. I wanted to take home a few pieces of their beautiful statuary, but this was a better size for traveling.

The birds like it too. The very afternoon I put it outside filled with water, a young robin enjoyed a bath. I wished I had a photo to share, but I did not have my camera close.

Yesterday,when I was looking out the window into the backyard, I noticed a baby bunny under my garden bench. He was so small. I watched him until he hopped out of sight. And once again, I did not have my camera close to me. So, today I was looking around the yard to see if I could find him. Well, I not only found one little bunny but two. I did have my camera this time and here's the picture.

So cute. The two babies could hardly keep their eyes open as I assume it was time for their afternoon nap.

Since I had my camera I also took this picture of a little rose. I just love the shade of pink.

Well, it may seem by this post that I have been spending all my time outside. However, I have spent time in my studio too. Here is my latest creation.

The large wooden tray features young lovers in the center surrounded by a border of hollyhocks. I love how this piece turned out. It has the look of a very old glass platter.

Thank you so much for stopping by.
Until next time,


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Robin's Table

Recently a client asked if I could make her four place mats with one of my Robin designs. I said, "of course" even though I had not had the chance to make place mats before. Well after locating four of them I got to work. The Robin place mats turned out great, but before I shipped them off, I just had to set my table to see how they would look.

Robin Place Mats all around the table.

A closer view.

As I set the table for the picture, I realized how special many of the items were to me that I chose to set out.

This ivory coffee cup with an elegant raised rose pattern is part of a very old and beautiful set from my father's side of the family. When the dishes were handed down to me there were 12 plates and 15 cups and saucers. I used the plates daily when I was first married. I hate to admit it, but I did not treat any of the pieces with much care, but somehow I still have 12 plates and 15 cups and saucers. Now I treat them so well that they are rarely set out.

The antique tablecloth is a recent find from a local antique shop and I just love it.

A few years back I spotted a beautiful antique glass petite cake stand at an antique store I was visiting with my mother. The stand was very expensive and I said to my mother that I wished I was rich enough to buy it. I left the store pouting because it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. It was not in my budget, so I did not think about the cake stand again. However, the very next Christmas I opened a gift from my parents and sure enough, inside was the cake stand. I couldn't believe it. Every time I look at the cake stand I am reminded of just how much it means to me that my mother remembered just how much I loved it and made sure I had it.
Well, I could go on and on about beautiful things...

Until next time,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shades of Early Summer

I have been working on many new designs for Fall but I just had to step out of my studio today and take a few pictures.

My mother did not want this gorgeous planter anymore, so being a good daughter, I took it off her hands.

I love the color of June flowers.

What a great shade of pink!

My lamb statue almost looks like he is walking through a field of flowers.

A sea of white flowers.

This bee was enjoying the flowers too.

That was fun...

Back to the studio.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The making of a print ad

I have been working on some great new flower design items for the summer.

The first creation was a wastepaper basket with a King Charles Spaniel inside a gold medallion surrounded by my new floral pattern.

I liked the wastepaper basket so much...

that I created a very large tray to match...

and then I liked that so much that I created five new tissue box cover designs...

With all these new designs in my studio, I knew exactly what my next print ad would feature. When it came time to set up the products for my photo shoot (on my back porch this morning) I could not decide which items to feature so I took pictures of everything. Once it started to rain, I moved it all inside and sat down at my computer to go through all the pictures.

My first choice was a shot with the King Charles Spaniel Wastepaper Basket, the matching King Charles Spaniel Tissue Box Cover and the Swan Tissue Box Cover.

Here is the first ad I designed around 12 noon.

Well, I just could not leave well enough alone, so here is the second ad I finished around 6:00 p.m.

Well, I still could not leave well enough alone, so here is the third ad I finished around 12 midnight.

I emailed the ad to the magazine, so I guess that is my final ad.

When in doubt... simplify.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

At Home Alone

Today I was at home alone. So I spent the overcast, rainy day moving from room to room with my camera, tripod and a variety of my decoupage home accents. The low lighting is the perfect light for me to take pictures of my high-gloss creations. I moved lamps, chairs, pictures and shelves all around to capture each shot. What a great day at home alone. I hope you enjoy looking at the new photos.

Staffordshire Dog Tray

Golden on Red Tissue Box Holder

Tapestry Lamb Tray

French Floral on Black Tissue Box Cover

Terrier Pink Coat and Roses

Girl with Baskets of Flowers Lap Desk

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

Well, I cannot change the snowy days, but I can show you pictures
that may make you think of Spring and warmer times ahead.
You may have already seen my Bee Tissue Box Cover, but
this design has a background color that can almost make you
feel warm breezes in the air. A client of mine had recently moved
to Colorado from Florida. Although she was filled with happiness
and excitement for her new life in Colorado, she missed the colors
she had in her Florida home. When she saw my
blue/green/sea foam color, she asked if I would make her a
Bee Tissue Box and a few other items for her new powder room.
Well, I just love the color combination. I hope it's warming you up a little bit.

This Sea Shell Tray is one of the first shell designs I have created.

Sea shells make me think of summer, sand and walks on the beach.

I hope you are feeling a little warmer now, I think I am.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreaming about Spring

I think the cold temperatures across the country have many people dreaming of Spring. Why you may ask? Well, since the first of the year, I have had many orders for rabbits, robins and nests. Take a peek...

Pictured above is my Hare on Floral 11 by 14 canvas. Also, two small plates with one featuring a Standing Hare and the other a Rabbit nibbling on lettuce.

The Standing Hare Tissue Box Cover is a year-round favorite.

When I first decided to create lap writing desk, I thought they would be perfect to use with laptops computers, and they are. However, I have been told by many clients that they are just too pretty for that and must go on the wall as art. So when it was suggested that I add my Rabbit Family design, I did and love how it looks. Perfect for your laptop or your wall.

One client wanted me to create one of my writing lap desks with a really big robin. It does have the look of Spring. Robin on Ivory Writing Lap Desk.

This Bird Nest Plate is a perfect little accent to make you think of Spring.