Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ever-Faithful Friend

A few months ago, I was shooting pictures in my living room, taking advantage of the natural light streaming in. As I looked around, I noticed my fifteen year-old pug, Jesse was patiently watching me. With camera in hand, I took this shot.

When I later looked at this picture, I could not help but remember all the times Jesse has followed me around the house, watched me work, sat next to me when I was sick and rushed to the door when I returned home.

I have been so fortunate to have him in my life as long as I have.

Jesse was the inspiration behind this tissue box cover design.
He is my Ever-Faithful Friend.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Perfect Lighting

This has been a rainy weekend in Colorado. As I looked out the windows, I could not help but notice how beautiful everything looked. We have an abundance of bright sunny days, but the bright lighting can wash out much of the color. So I took the opportunity to take a few pictures around my yard in the rain with what I consider perfect lighting.
I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bee Beautiful

Every year I participate in about a dozen or so shows and come face-to-face with my clients and friends. I love hearing how much someone has enjoyed a piece they have purchased from me, or how it fits perfectly in their home, or what they think about each time they see it, or the thank you note they received after they gave one of my creations as a gift.

Selling online is a little different. There is always communication before the sale, but not always once the package is delivered.

Well, you can imagine how much it meant to me when one of my online clients not only sent me a wonderful note, but included pictures of how she was using the bee creations in her home.

I asked if I could share the pictures and she said, "yes".

My small bee box is a perfect fit for her exquisite bee ring.

My bee design tissue box and small plate compliment the beautiful large bee box, picture frames and accents pieces in this arrangement.

Her collection of bee items and how she puts them all together can best be described as bee beautiful.