Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dreaming about Spring

I think the cold temperatures across the country have many people dreaming of Spring. Why you may ask? Well, since the first of the year, I have had many orders for rabbits, robins and nests. Take a peek...

Pictured above is my Hare on Floral 11 by 14 canvas. Also, two small plates with one featuring a Standing Hare and the other a Rabbit nibbling on lettuce.

The Standing Hare Tissue Box Cover is a year-round favorite.

When I first decided to create lap writing desk, I thought they would be perfect to use with laptops computers, and they are. However, I have been told by many clients that they are just too pretty for that and must go on the wall as art. So when it was suggested that I add my Rabbit Family design, I did and love how it looks. Perfect for your laptop or your wall.

One client wanted me to create one of my writing lap desks with a really big robin. It does have the look of Spring. Robin on Ivory Writing Lap Desk.

This Bird Nest Plate is a perfect little accent to make you think of Spring.