Sunday, October 14, 2012

Elle Decor November 2012 Trend Alert: Tapestry

A big thank you to Parker Bowie, Market Editor at Elle Decor Magazine. Last Summer she contacted me about a Trend Alert: Tapestry article she was working on for the November 2012 issue. She asked for pictures of all my handcrafted decoupage tapestry-inspired creations.

      After viewing a number of different products of mine,
 she chose the French Lovers Plate.

And here is the plate on page 86 of Elle Decor November 2012.
I was so excited when I opened the magazine. ( I still am!)

The Trend Alert: Tapestry was a perfect fit for me. I have always loved tapestries and you can tell by how many are hanging throughout my home as well as a few other tapestry-inspired accents I have collected.

This tapestry was in my father's house as a child and then in my childhood home. I loved it then and still love it today.

I love mixing hard and soft elements in my home. That's why I have this heavy stone antique bust in front of the tapestry in my living room.

This tapestry is in my family room and is almost six feet long. I added a matching pair of vintage cast iron sconces on each side.

Once again, mixing hard and soft elements. I love the contrast.

When my husband and I were newly married, we drove to Vail, CO for the day.( At the time we could not afford to spend the night.) In an adorable store I found this pillow and 2 other coordinating tapestry pillows. Although, we could not afford even one of them the time, I bought all three. Twenty years later, they are still great pillows and my husband has forgiven me. (I think)

This tapestry panel was purchased in France. I like how the blue in the pillow compliments the vintage blue and white ticking curtains behind the yellow chair. My grandmother ( Nana) made these curtains years ago and had them hanging in the last home she lived in before moving to assisted living. I remember how she told me that Sister Parish used ticking a lot in her decorating. Nana would also say that ticking fabric is very French and will never go out of style. She was right.

I wish I could say that the tapestry, desk and urns were in my home too, but I can't. This tapestry hangs at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Simply beautiful and I love the desk.

Unfortunately this tapestry chair is not in my home but is on display at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. Just beautiful.

As you can see, I really do love tapestries.

Below are a few of my handcrafted decoupage tapestry-inspired products.
I hope you enjoy.

Lamb Tapestry Tray available two sizes.

Lady with Dog Plaque
Here's a link to many of my tapestry inspired products:

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