Monday, July 17, 2017

A Sweet Rabbit

I have been out of town for a week and today definitely felt like a "Monday."

I just saw this sweet rabbit while watering the garden and it made me smile.

There is beauty all around us, so don't forget to look for it. Especially, when it's one of those "Mondays." Enjoy...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Vintage Wicker Vanity Project

A few weeks ago, there was a garage sale on my street. Since I have too many projects that are still in waiting, I thought it was best not to stop. However, there was a piece of furniture that I saw out of the corner of my eye, (maybe I should get eye blinders like they put on horses). Anyhow, within seconds, my car was put into reverse and parked. I asked the price on the wicker vanity and the man said how about 10 dollars? Since there was a ten dollar bill in my wallet just waiting to come out, soon the words "I'll take it" suddenly came out of my mouth. He said it had been in his wife's family for 50 or so years. She too had wanted to redo it but had not got around to it. All in about 90 seconds, I saw the piece, bought it, and it was in the back of my car.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of current projects in my studio, so I placed the piece outside. The spring weather had been so mild that surely it would do fine. Then the calendar turned to May and the many spring snows came. What is that saying, "out of site, our of mind"? Yes, the piece had been snowed on several times by the wet Colorado spring snows. It came with a little damage to the top veneer. Well, after all those snows, the veneer pretty much removed itself.

The before pictures.

After a few coats of white paint...

now I have a beautiful vintage wicker vanity.

Maybe I shouldn't get horse blinders after all... It's a beautiful addition to my garden.

What projects are you working on this summer?

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