Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Beautiful Things for Spring Decorating

A sweet bunny figure is the perfect 'mate' for my Rabbit platter displayed in an easel. Add in a cachepot of wheat grass or fresh flowers, and this vignette nearly shouts Spring is Here!

I recently attended a decorating seminar at a local retailer. They were talking about how it's 'out of style' to put plates on the wall and have a lot of figurines in your home. My first thought was “It's a good thing they did not come to my house!”

Really, though, who's to say what is 'in' or 'out' when it comes to decorating our own homes?

We are! The rooms we live in should tell our own life story, reflect our own tastes and interests, and be more about us than any arbitrary trends or 'rules' of decorating.
I personally think plates on the wall are a perfect way to display them, instead of having them stacked and hidden away in a cupboard. (Especially if they are very old or very beautiful!) It's also very easy to change them out for different seasons with a wall or easel display. Whether you hang them individually in a row, in a free-form cluster, or use a multiple plate display rack, plates are miniature works of art that can add wonderful detail to your rooms.
As you can see above, pairing this rabbit plate with a collection of majolica cabbage leaf plates & bowls is a charming combination for Spring. You can also use a large plate like this one as a charger in a Spring dinner table setting - just place a clear glass plate on top, so that the beautiful artwork shows through.
How do you use plates in your home decor?
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Black Rabbit with Floral Wooden Tray
The design is a black rabbit surrounded by a floral border.
The wood tray is painted black with green and gold accents, and the entire front of the tray features my signature crackle finish.
Sizes available: 7.5 and 9 inch diameter
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