Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beautiful Scenes of Summer

For various reasons, my family has done a lot of traveling in the last two months and I have been taking a lot of pictures.  Here are some favorites from my yard and beyond. I hope you enjoy.
Oh, I have been working in my studio a lot and have many new items that I will be sharing with you soon. But for now, it's all about beautiful scenes of Summer.

Young Robin in a pot of petunias in my front garden.

Strawberries in my garden.

Coming out of a rain storm on a road trip back from Nebraska.

This is a picture of a baby bunny in my back yard.
 You can see just how little he is next to the small yellow leaf. For a few weeks I
kept a watchful eye out for him and chased off our neighbor's cats each time they came in the yard. I am happy to say, he or she is almost full grown and doing fine.

Daisies against a stone wall in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Each day this spider spins a new web on my front porch. 

View of Salt Lake City from their Botanic Gardens.

I could not resist this picture while in Boise. The dog's name is Wilson.

Flamingo at the Aivary in Liberty Park, Salt Lake City.

This cow looked at me just as I took her picture.
We were both enjoying a beautiful Summer evening in Boise.

This is a Sunflower that my son grew from seed.
 It's so tall I just had to hold my camera as high as I could and hope for the best.

I hope you've enjoyed some of my scenes from the Summer.

Take time to look for the beautiful things. They are all around us.