Friday, April 16, 2010

Bees, Decoupage and Napoleon

One of my recent commissions was to create a few new French-inspired creations for an adorable store here in Colorado. The owner said that she wanted some items with Eiffel Towers and Napoleonic bees. Well here is one of my decoupage tissue box designs with a large bee that I think will work well.

But the word "Napoleonic" would not get out of my head. So I went straight to the source and created a new decoupage design with the proud Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte himself. I added a muted background and of course a number of varied sized fleur-de-lis. The wastepaper basket was my first creation.

What is more French than a Napoleon Wastepaper Basket? It's a perfect way to add a little French-style to a den, office, bathroom or bedroom.
But just like him, I could not stop with only one conquest. I then created a matching tissue box cover and continued on to boxes and then small plates.

I just love my new Napoleon Collection. And yes, it's available through my website Robin King Designs. I hope you like it, too.