Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Days

Well, I cannot change the snowy days, but I can show you pictures
that may make you think of Spring and warmer times ahead.
You may have already seen my Bee Tissue Box Cover, but
this design has a background color that can almost make you
feel warm breezes in the air. A client of mine had recently moved
to Colorado from Florida. Although she was filled with happiness
and excitement for her new life in Colorado, she missed the colors
she had in her Florida home. When she saw my
blue/green/sea foam color, she asked if I would make her a
Bee Tissue Box and a few other items for her new powder room.
Well, I just love the color combination. I hope it's warming you up a little bit.

This Sea Shell Tray is one of the first shell designs I have created.

Sea shells make me think of summer, sand and walks on the beach.

I hope you are feeling a little warmer now, I think I am.