Thursday, May 26, 2011

The making of a print ad

I have been working on some great new flower design items for the summer.

The first creation was a wastepaper basket with a King Charles Spaniel inside a gold medallion surrounded by my new floral pattern.

I liked the wastepaper basket so much...

that I created a very large tray to match...

and then I liked that so much that I created five new tissue box cover designs...

With all these new designs in my studio, I knew exactly what my next print ad would feature. When it came time to set up the products for my photo shoot (on my back porch this morning) I could not decide which items to feature so I took pictures of everything. Once it started to rain, I moved it all inside and sat down at my computer to go through all the pictures.

My first choice was a shot with the King Charles Spaniel Wastepaper Basket, the matching King Charles Spaniel Tissue Box Cover and the Swan Tissue Box Cover.

Here is the first ad I designed around 12 noon.

Well, I just could not leave well enough alone, so here is the second ad I finished around 6:00 p.m.

Well, I still could not leave well enough alone, so here is the third ad I finished around 12 midnight.

I emailed the ad to the magazine, so I guess that is my final ad.

When in doubt... simplify.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

At Home Alone

Today I was at home alone. So I spent the overcast, rainy day moving from room to room with my camera, tripod and a variety of my decoupage home accents. The low lighting is the perfect light for me to take pictures of my high-gloss creations. I moved lamps, chairs, pictures and shelves all around to capture each shot. What a great day at home alone. I hope you enjoy looking at the new photos.

Staffordshire Dog Tray

Golden on Red Tissue Box Holder

Tapestry Lamb Tray

French Floral on Black Tissue Box Cover

Terrier Pink Coat and Roses

Girl with Baskets of Flowers Lap Desk