Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Robin King Designs

Merry Christmas to all.
It's been a busy December but I did take a little time out to decorate my Christmas table. I like to start setting it about a week before Christmas and add items each day. Here is how it looked the day before Christmas.

Each Christmas I like to create a new center piece for the table. This year I started with of my favorite pieces. It's an old cut glass bowl that is held up by four joyful cherubs.

I added pinecones, large deer ornaments, a little bit of greenery and placed it on a crystal cake stand topped with a vintage Christmas linen. A few pinecones around the base completed the look.

The golden deer ornaments will reflect the candlelight very nicely.
For my Christmas Table I also like to add a few of my favorite things that do not get used very often. Favorite things like my Old Britain Castles Red English Transferware plates, Waterford water glasses, antique crystal serving dishes, silver serving trays and my stag head pewter goblets.
What are some of your Christmas Table favorites? 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Decorating, with Love...

I've heard it said that we should decorate our homes with items we truly love.
That practice can show up in some interesting ways...

Have you ever purchased an item at an antique store or sale, trundled it home,
and then discovered that you already have the same item, or a very similar one?
This is a perfect example of selecting items that we love
based on the 'inner compass' that drives our own personal design style.
We do tend to gravitate toward the same colors, patterns, motifs, and items...
even when we don't actually realize we are doing it!
Recently, I purchased an antique Aubusson needlepoint rug at an estate sale 
even though I already had three at home in my armoire...

So, since there was no room in the armoire to add a fourth rug ...
I was looking around for a place to display the newest member of my collection.

My eyes fell on a 'blank canvas' of sorts: the back of a sofa.

I draped the rug over the back of the sofa,
and was pleased by the unexpected addition of color and pattern to the family room.

Each time I walked by, I would look at the rug 
and smile at the impact it made on the room...and on me!

After a few days, I realized just why I was so drawn to that particular piece:
It perfectly coordinates with one of my designs!

Stag Floral Plaque
 The same color palette, floral motifs, and arching branches appear in both pieces,
and the overall effect is peaceful and calming.

 A perfect match!

I was delighted by this discovery, and decided to look at my objects of desire anew.
Let's take a look at that armoire again:


You can see a repetition of colors, patterns, and motifs
all represented in the items I have collected over a lifetime,
including images of flora and fauna, soft geometric patterns, and neutral backgrounds.
Clearly, I love deep burgundies, soft pinks, sage greens, and flowers!

 My own design preferences have led me to create a personal palette
that fills my home and reflects my deepest pleasures.
It also drives my selection of imagery for my product lines.

Why not take a look into your armoires and cupboards today,
and take inventory of the wonderful expression of your own style that you find there?
Then take some of those treasured items out, and decorate with them...
so that you can enjoy what you love every day!

Beautifully Yours, 
~ Robin

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pug Tissue Box Cover

I wanted to add a new picture of my Pug Tissue Box Cover with Roses to my website .
So I thought it would be cute to feature my pug Sophie in the photo.

However, Sophie was a little camera shy.

So after a while she looked at the camera but looked a little bored.
So I told her there would be treats at the end.
Sophie was a good sport but I decided to use a different pug for the shot.

Monday, April 22, 2013

French Country Style

So many of you have seen my ad in French Country Style Magazine,
a beautiful new lifestyle & decor publication from fabulous FiFi O'Neill...

I am happy to welcome you to my blog and share my French country style offerings with you!

The phrase 'French Revolution' has more than one meaning... 
With the recent popularity of the Oscar-winning film 'Les Miserables',
interest in French history, style, and culture is at an all-time high.
Both fashion and home decor trends reflect the influence of Parisian style.

While we may not be able to swing a trip to the City of Lights,
it is certainly possible to bring touches of Paris and the rural French countryside to our homes!

The color combination of black and white in the vignette above is a neutral scheme  
that works anywhere to reflect a lighter approach to decorating with French style.
It also serves as a perfect foil for the red, white and blue TriColor flag of France.

This classic look brings to mind a pied a'terre tucked away on a back street of Paris,
overlooking a patisserie and le tour Eiffel in the hazy distance...
This is a fresh interpretation of Classic French Style.

Eiffel Tower Black White Tissue Box Cover
Eiffel Tower French Flag Tissue Box Cover
Paris Tisue Box Cover
France Plaque

The bucolic charm of the French Countryside is captured in the vignette below,
combining warm wood tones with natural subjects in the art and accessories.
From the painting to the needlepoint pillow,
the flora and fauna of rural France is depicted with timeless charm.

The combination creates the illusion of being ensconced on a Provencal farm, 
surrounded by fields of aromatic lavender whilst sipping le grande cru wines.
This is classic, elegant French Country Style.

Combining two-dimensional art (such as my platter with a rabbit print)
with three-dimensional art (the two vintage bunny figurines)
brings interest and detail to home decor vignettes.

My beautiful products will fill your rooms with le style Francaise,
whether your own choices reflect French Classic or Country moods!
Rabbit Roses Platter
French Rooster Canvas
Rooster Pencil Holder

Please visit my website for more beautiful items that reflect French Country Style...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

English Country Equestrian Style

Though it has been around for hundreds of years, English Country Equestrian Style 
was brought into the mainstream of the home and fashion design world 
by the talented American designer Ralph Lauren.
His new vision of how the look could fit with the American lifestyle
opened our eyes to a 'new' way to decorate - and a love affair with horses was born.

With origins emanating from the landed gentry of the English countryside, 
this rich and elegant style traditionally features the use of deep colors,
substantial furnishings in dark woods, and leather upholstery.

Today, because of Mr. Lauren's vision,
English Country Equestrian Style is interpreted in many fresh, new ways... 
the use of lighter colors, more modern lighting, and soft fabric textures
breathe new life into this venerable decor style.

While I have never owned a horse myself, this decor style is one I have always loved!

Creating a vignette of Equestrian items is simple...

The addition of an antique horse statue compliments the wall arrangement of plaque and plates,
along with one of my floral tissue box covers, a stack of books, and a pewter tray.
(This could be a personal riding award - or an antique shop find.)

Small items added to the vignette, like these elegant tassels and new wall hooks,
give the effect of the design evolving over time...

In order to perpetuate that 'old world' feel and fit the equestrian theme,
a new western-style wall hook is painted black and accented with gold paint.
Simple 'fixes' like this often make all the difference to an item's appearance.

A lighter, brighter interpretation is shown here...
the 'Horsewoman' plaque and companion pencil holder join with other accessories on a desk.

 Dog-themed items are a 'natural companion' to equestrian style, 
and of course a silver trophy cup holding flowers is a perfect detail.

You needn't live on an estate or 'ride to hounds' to enjoy this classic decor style -
a few simple touches of equestrian artwork can transport your humble home 
to the English Countryside

I am pleased to offer you
the 'Horsewoman' plaque in the English Country Equestrian style, 
as well as four coordinating plate designs of riders on leaping horses...

To order the Horsewoman Plaque please click here

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