Friday, August 6, 2010

Whatever things are...

Some time ago I came across the verse: Whatever is Noble, Bright, Pure, Lovely... think of these things. Although it is a popular verse, for some reason it really hit me one day so I wrote it on an old envelope and put it in my purse. That old envelope was moved to my desk and has been in front of my computer as I have looked and looked for the perfect artwork to create a plaque.

Well, I did find the artwork - a beautiful old French textile painting with flowers and a lace-like border. It was perfect, however since it was originally used for textiles, the entire piece was graphed by hand in pencil. I like to keep all my old papers "as is" so I did not try to erase the pencil but instead spent many hours in photoshop trying to remove each line. Once most of the lines had been removed, I decided to keep a few of the guidelines as they seem very appropriate with the Bible verse from Philippians.
My "Whatever things are True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely... Think on these things" is finally finished. I hope you enjoy.