Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beautiful Things {in Brown}

 The vintage images I collect and work with inspire me, and so do the words of wise and creative people. A friend and mentor, Bob Brown, shared a thought with me that has always served to define my artistic style:
"The secret to good design is knowing when to stop"

When I am creating each product, I always remember that guideline. And as I combine elements to create a vignette in my studio to photograph, or in my home to enjoy, I let that principle guide me, as well.

Combining Beautiful Things to create an interesting arrangement is attainable... if you keep it simple. A mix of large and small items in various materials and shapes will draw the eye, and make for a pleasing tabletop or mantel display.

Using a color theme is a perfect way to coordinate elements. In the vignette above, the unifying color is the warm, comforting tones of Brown in every element. Many of the images I use for products have similar sepia tones, making it easy to choose several items to combine together in a display.

Imagine this arrangement of Beautiful Things in your room on a cold winter day...

Many of my products have several uses.
This pencil holder would also make a perfect container for flowers - simply
 insert a small glass vase into it to hold them.
I would add fresh ivory roses to this soft vignette!