Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seeing Red

RED. I cannot remember exactly when red became my favorite color, but it is one I do not want to live without. No matter how packed a store may be, or how many different items are at a show, it's always the red that jumps out at me. Here are a few of my favorite red pieces at home.

Antique Italian Chest

Vintage English Plate
Sweet lamb with a red bow.

And of course, my passion for red shows up in my work:

Cardinal Items - my favorite bird next to a robin

Dog Plate and Tissue Box Cover
Rooster on large wooden tray

Sunflower Wastepaper Basket and Tissue Box cover set

It is believed that red is the color of power. You have probably heard that for meetings you should wear a “red power tie” or “red power suit”. Maybe red gives us little extra courage. A few years ago, I read an article about a woman’s great aunt who would say “red lips for courage”. Whenever her aunt had a challenge ahead of her, she would always make sure she had on her red lipstick. I love that story and have been known to wear red lipstick myself just for a little dab of courage. So go ahead, add that red accent piece. Soon you may be be seeing red, too.
Toile Tissue Box Cover based on an antique French fabric