Sunday, August 2, 2009

Paris Street Market August 2009

Summer in Colorado is not predictable; after almost a week of rain, vendors and shoppers alike at the Paris Street Market, were pleasantly surprised by a beautiful, sunny day! Thank you to all who visited me - I enjoy talking with each one of you and I hope my little creation finds itself in the perfect spot to brighten your home.

A table full of my decoupage creations.

A Paris-themed display was a hit at the Market.
Early into the morning a woman came into my booth, she seemed familiar to me, though I could not recall if I knew her. As she shopped I could not help but notice the charming pink flats she wore and crochet purse she carried. As I was admiring them, it dawned on me-I had recently viewed her picture on a blog I found; I asked her if she “blogs” and it opened the door to a great little chat. The “blogger” is Jeanne Oliver and she has a fun and charming blog She is also featured in Tara Frey's new book, "Blogging for Bliss". We talked for a bit and she shared some valuable information with me on the importance of blogging and the benefits in having an Etsy shop (number one priority for me this week-create an Etsy shop). I was so happy to meet Jeanne face-to-face; it was definitely a highlight of my Saturday!