Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pot Rack Panache

For the past month I have had a show or event every weekend. Now I will begin working on all the special Christmas orders that will be sent around the country. In the midst of making a list and checking it twice, I did find time for a quick kitchen project.

My mother recently purchased a beautiful white distressed round pot rack from Sandi Vandel of Vandel Antiques in Littleton, CO. Once she got it home, she decided it did not work in her kitchen. So being a thoughtful daughter, I volunteered to take it off her hands. Although I do not have an extensive collection of copper pots to hang from the rack, I was confident I would come up with something. It did not take long and I decided to hang tea cups from my red transferware collection. I then added a vintage-looking ceramic hen in the middle of the rack.

I know someday it will be filled with a collection of copper pots, but for now I love how it looks. Well, that's enough procrastinating for me, it's time to get back to the studio.