Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer Reading

As children we were told not to forget our "Summer Reading" as we left school for a few months of freedom. When I was a child, Summer Reading was not on the top of my list. My Summer list included going on a family vacation to the mountains, swimming, sunbathing with baby oil, staying up late with my sisters to watch Bonanza reruns and of course, sleeping in.  With all that going on, reading was going to have to wait until the school bell rang again. 
As it turns out, now I wish there was more time for Summer Reading.  I even created a space in my backyard just for this purpose. It 's a simply pleasure to flip through pages of books while listening to birds chirp, watching squirrels jump and hearing the many sounds of Summer.

Do you have a favorite place you like to read in the Summer?

While were are on the subject of Summer Reading, below are a few of the books I have been reading this Summer. (and not one Bonanza rerun yet, sorry little Joe)

Toiles de Jouy
French Printed Cottons
by Sarah Grant

Fifth Avenue Style
by Howard Slatkin

Queen of Fashion
by Caroline Weber

The Book of Acts
by Luke

The Grammar of Ornament
by Owen Jones

Flowers are starting to loose some of their luster, the days are getting shorter and soon Fall will arrive before we are ready. Soon we will be asking ourselves, where did the Summer go?  Make sure to make time for some Summer Reading of your own.